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LOCKDOWN for solo oboe or saxophone by Rachel Broadbent

LOCKDOWN for solo oboe or saxophone by Rachel Broadbent


LOCKDOWN comprises 3 pieces for solo oboe.



This movement represents the sudden closure of Theatres and Concert Halls and the loss of work and fear at the start of the pandemic in 2020. The piece has many sudden stops along with more frantic sections of music. There are also some more lyrical sections that represent the feelings of emptiness and loss that many people felt during this time.


2. Panic

This movement is all about the general fear and panic that set in for many once work had stopped and the pandemic developed. People looking for new jobs, struggling with different aspects of their lives while also trying to keep doing what they love. There are occasional glimmers of positivity, but they don’t stay for long.


3. Hope

Slowly, very slowly theatres and concert halls start opening and this movement represents the tiny glimmers of hope that do start to develop while still feeling like there is a mountain to climb before things are normal.

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